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RISEFESTIVAL2018 RISE Kite Festival in St. Augustine

On May 20th, Compassionate St. Augustine and Tag! Children’s Museum held our RISE Kite Festival at St. Augustine Beach State Park.  It was the culmination of The Compassionate St. Augustine & Tag! RISE STEAM curriculum and kite making experience in six Title 1 elementary and middle schools in St. Johns County.  Over 3,000 children along with their teachers, principals and support staff participated over several weeks in this Compassionate St. Augustine funded experiential classroom and on-site endeavor.  The majority of these underserved and vulnerable children had never flown a kite. Neither had they ever been to the beach which is less than 5 miles away for most and no more than 15 miles for the rest.

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Olivia with HHDLYouth Ambassadors Meeting the Dalai Lama

What a wonderful way to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Youth Ambassador program born during the seeds of Compassion conference April, 2008. Meeting his Holiness the Dalai Lama in India at his residence in exile was an honour and privilege I will certainly cherish for the rest of my life. To be able to travel with two of the very first Youth Ambassador students made the experience that much more memorable and powerful. The messages his Holiness shared with us will remain close to our hearts. Habib and Olivia (remarkable Youth Ambassadors who I’ve had the privilege of working with for many years) will indeed continue to be ambassadors of hope, kindness and love.

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letfreedomring“Let Freedom Ring” Chimes Project

Today, within our country, there is a great desire to bring individuals and entire communities together to heal old wounds and make firm commitments to cooperatively and collaboratively building a better future. The “Let Freedom Ring Chimes Project” initiative aims to invite all –– residents of our city and county and visitors –– to ponder the possibilities and wander with wonder on the unique peninsula at the confluence of the San Sebastian and Matanzas Rivers. Recently named Dr. Robert B. Hayling Freedom Park, this vast natural green space honors St. Augustine’s nationally acclaimed Civil Rights Movement hero and offers extraordinary opportunities to reflectively and experientially discover new ways to engage with one’s self, others and the 452-year-old African-American story in our nation’s oldest continuously occupied European city.

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Louisa F Word Opening Reception Modus Locus 17 March 18The F Word: Stories of Forgiveness is currently installed at Modus Locus in South Minneapolis

The Forgiveness Project's photographic-narrative exhibit, The F Word: Stories of Forgiveness is currently installed at Modus Locus in South Minneapolis until April 17, 2018. North American Coordinator for the exhibit, Louisa Hext, is a member of The Charter for Compassions' Global Team. The exhibition is a thought provoking collection of arresting images and personal narratives exploring forgiveness, reconciliation, restorative justice, redemption. The F Word exhibition was created by The Forgiveness Project, an award-winning, secular organization that collects and shares personal stories to explore how concepts of reconciliation, conflict resolution and dialogue can be used to break cycles of violence and restore hope.

lynneandmarilynForums held in hope of making Ballarat a compassionate city

A series of forums is the first step to making Ballarat a compassionate city, the next will be putting together a steering group. ​

The Charter of Compassion launched in the United Nations in 2009, with the Australian Parliament signing and affirming the charter. Global director Marilyn Turkovich said the charter looked to implement programs essential to bringing about change in the world. “The main thrust would be to work with cities at a grassroots level, where people locally would identify problems that made their communities uncomfortable places in which to live,” she said.

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20people2017: Year of Millions Fleeing For Safety; 2018: Corporations Must Step Up

Scrolling through the New York Times “2017 Year in Pictures” you’ll see a common theme across the globe: millions of people across the world were forced to flee. People fled natural disasters like wildfires in California, and flooding from Hurricanes Harvey, Irma or Maria. Then there were horrific scenes of people fleeing man-made atrocities like gun violence, terrorism and ethnic cleansing (genocide). September was a particularly awful month. Rohynga refugees continued to flee their own military in Myanmar, who killed more than 6,700 just because of their religion. According to the United Nations, more than 650,000 escaped and are now stuck in refugee camps in Bangladesh.

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Sande Hart Tokyo Symposium 2017The Fuji Declaration Brings More Compassion to the World with The Charter for Compassion International

In May of this year, I had the great fortune of being invited to Japan by the Goi Peace Foundation, the Soul of WoMen, and the Fuji Declaration to participate in the Fuji Declaration Symposium, and the Symphony of Peace Prayers celebration. I was surrounded by extraordinary peace makers in the form of environmentalists, authors, community builders, world renowned thought leaders, and researchers, all deeply spiritual, all deeply grounded in the common vision of a world of balance, peace and harmony. To say the trip was transformational is an understatement.

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newsfoodNorth Thurston Public Schools Launches Coin Drive to Fund Lacey Food Bank

Lacey City Council, North Thurston Public Schools (NTPS) and the Lacey South Sound Chamber of Commerce have partnered to build a new Lacey Food Bank as their first “Compassionate Community” project. North Thurston Public Schools will be doing their part by launching a “Make a Change” coin drive. The drive will happen in all 22 schools in the district throughout the school year, starting as early as November.

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universityIn a Volatile Climate on Campus, Professors Teach on Tenterhooks

"Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life,” a guide to spreading kindness, is an odd choice for a political science syllabus. But Shannon Mariotti sees the need. Her seminar about race and class alienation invites contention; course readings swing between Tea Party and far-left perspectives.

The 13 students represent the stew of political views at Southwestern University, a liberal arts campus in mostly red Georgetown, Tex. Dr. Mariotti pushes buttons, but prudently. She wants reactions, she said, somewhere “between nice and angry.” She hopes the book — from step one (“Learn about compassion”) to 12 (“Love your enemies”) — will teach students “to develop compassion and empathy” for opposing, even distasteful stances.

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pirate 2The Pirates of Silicon Beach

In his 2002 classic The Rise of the Creative Class, Carnegie Mellon professor Richard Florida argued that “creative class” professionals like tech engineers, held the key to revitalizing America’s cities. He encouraged government planners and citizens to cater to the tastes of these creative professionals by developing walkable urban neighborhoods well-served by transit and with ample amenities. The result came with rents skyrocketing, pricing out many ordinary citizens. Sound familiar? Cities have become more segregated by income and economic class. Mixed-income neighborhoods have been on the decline, replaced by concentrated pockets of wealth and poverty. We are more segregated now than the end of the civil war. Can you hack that?

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