Charter for Compassion Education Newsletter, May 2014

Charter for Compassion Education Newsletter, May 2014

We are at it again! We've decided to experiment with having shorter newsletters, and we are going to take a chance and publish them weekly for everyone on our mailing list. Normally, only partners have been receiving weekly communication. We presume you will let us know what you think, and we welcome your comments. By the way, each newsletter will have a theme.  Most of the themes will relate to the sectors with which the Charter works (business, education, environment, healthcare, peace and religion/spiritual and interfaith). From time to time we will be asking to have guest editors of our newsletters.  Interested?

Education Call on May 21 : In addition to publishing the newsletters, we have been facilitating conference calls each week for the various sectors. The call on May 21 will be on Education, and we hope anyone who is interested will join us. Our speaker will be Christopher Kukk, who is a professor of Political Science and the Director of WestConn’s Honors Program. Kukk is a former International Security Fellow at Harvard University’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs and a 2007-2008 Fulbright Scholar at the University of Tartu in Estonia.

Calls are 90 minutes long, and you need to register for the call with Maestro Conference. We have the capacity to have up to 500 comfortably on the call.  Before you go to Maestro, you'll want to check to see what time the call will happen in your part of the world.
Consult the World Clock—Time Converter. Start with Seattle at 6:00 AM and enter your city in the field and click on convert.

If you click on this link you'll be taken to Maestro where you'll be asked to register and given a pin number. When you are at the site, please let us know your interest in education.  Before you do that, you might want to take a look at the writing of our featured speaker for the call, Christopher Kukk. Reading his article might help inform what you want to tell us. Here is an excerpt:

Educating Through the 5Cs by Christopher Kukk: The bridge between knowledge and wisdom is education. The journey across that bridge forms either an educated person or simply a knowledgeable individual. The difference between the two is significant for society and the world in that while the latter only knows the facts the former learns “how to make facts live.” An education that bridges knowledge with wisdom seeks to blend the scientist with the artist and the philosopher with the practitioner to create scholars that are engaged citizens. While many politicians and administrators are installing mechanized systems of education in our schools and universities based on standardized testing (i.e., simply knowing facts), there should be a revival for schools on all levels requiring critical thinking as well as oral communication and writing skills that educate for the purpose of fostering innovation.  Read more.

New Education Partners: Our network of partners has grown significantly since our last call in March.  Here are our new education partners: Adding Needy Organization (Kenya), Bainbridge Performing Arts (USA), Bainbridge Youth Services (USA), Caravan (USA), Development Disabilities Association (Canada), Diákháló Alapítvány/YouthNetFoundation (Hungary), The Dom Approach/The TARA Approach (USA), drawchange (USA), DreamRider Productions (Canada), Duyvené de Wit Jeugdzorg & GGZ (Netherlands), The F Word: A Project of the Forgiveness Project (USA, UK), Fitchburg Art Museum (USA), Foodshare (UK), GC Strategies (Education), Heritage Institute (USA), Integrated Education Services (USA), Interfaith Children's Movement (USA), Kids4Peace (USA), Kids Discovery Museum (USA), Mindfulness4Mothers (Australia), Raising Education Within Africa (Botswana), REACH Education (New Zealand) and Thatcher Human Rights Coalition (USA).

The new listing of programs, schools and universities include : Casady School Service Learning Program (Oklahoma City, OK, USA), Claremont Lincoln University (Claremont, CA, USA), Growin' Together Hands-on Afterschool and Summer Program (Austin, TX, USA), Helen O'Grady Drama Academy (Botswana), Lawton School (Seattle, WA), Little Einsteins (Botswana), Moses Brown School (Providence, RI, USA) and Nicholson University (Albany, NY, USA). 

You Don't Have to be an Educator to Participate: We've started a new Education Blog.  Come and let us know your thinking on the topics that are there.  If you want to start another theme, let us know and we'll get it started and you can take it from there. Learn more and leave your comments as you scroll through the various blogs.

Compassion Today! A New Mobile App for 3D Compassion: The native app is available now, for free, for iPhones, iPads, and Android smartphones, tablets and Kindle Fire.  It can be downloaded now via Apple and Google Play app stores.  Click here to learn more.

Meeting with other Compassionates in San Francisco: That's right! The Charter is joining with  the Empathy and Compassion in Society Conference in San Francisco November 13-15.  The conference days are on November 13-14, but there will be a special Charter Day on November 15.  We'll be getting out a special newsletter to let you know all the details, but we wanted to make certain it is on your calendar. We hope to meet as many of you as possible during this time. Learn more and the conferenceRegister

Featured Partner: Creatively Canny is pleased to announce NATE THE DRAGON the musical. The book and lyrics of the musical is by Neil Haven, music by Jeff Herriott. The musical is based on the book Nate The Dragon Stops Bullying by Kim Groshek and Alex Urner. Commissioned by Kim Groshek. Puppets, songs, dragons and friendship come alive in Nate the Dragon as Nate and his friends take you on a journey to the Kingdom of Treegrass. Try as he may, Nate the Dragon just can’t seem to fit in. He doesn’t look like a duck, he doesn’t quack like a duck, nor does he act like a duck (how many ducks do you know that can breathe fire?). This touching story of anti-bullying reminds us all that even though we may be different, we all have something to give to the world. With courage, bravery and compassion “Nate the Dragon” teaches the valuable lesson that everyone is important.

Help Build the Movement: Folks who work with the Charter know that we are building a global movement of action-oriented people who are committed to making a monumental change in the way that the world's people interact with one another.  Movements need to build all kinds of networks (this is where the interaction of the sectors come in).  We need your help. Here’s what you can do:

  • Help spread the word about the Charter, encourage people to sign it
  • Bring in the schools, workplaces, and institutions with whom you work and to which you belong to be partners of the Charter
  • Think about registering to work to start a city initiative in your community.

Next Week's newsletter will be on Healthcare, and the scheduled Conference call will be on May 27.

This newsletter can be found on the Charter's website. Feel free to share it with your friends, family and colleagues.  Help us grow the network.  As always, we look forward to hearing from you.

Marilyn Turkovich, Program Director
Charter for Compassion International

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